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This page lists topics or ideas together with a couple of sentences about each. They are hotlinks to more substantial discussions. Rather than present ideas in a sequence, as would occur in a workshop or seminar, you can create the order that is most beneficial for you.

Administration vs. Management
Natural allies or natural adversaries?

The most misunderstood concept in law practice development

War stories are usually about wars fought in the past, not those to be fought in the future.

A market research concept important to law practice developers.

Balkanization in Law Firms
Bal - kan - ize: to divide into small, quarrelsome, ineffectual states. Effective harmony within your law firm is a necessity.

Benefits of Client Research
Client Perceptions
Office Administration
Practice Development
Firm Mergers

Client Satisfaction
Client satisfaction is a conclusion in the mind of the client roughly defined by the verbal equation; experience over (or measured by) expectation. It is a central concept in the success of a law firm from recommendation rates and client cross education to setting and collecting fees..

Clientcentric sm Research
Most firms get most of tomorrow's work from today's clients. If you would like some control over how much work tomorrow will bring, or what kind of work it will be, you must understand the legal service experience from the clients' perspective.

Consulting and Coaching
Where each fits in and how each benefits a Lawyer and Law Firm

Meaningful, Measureable Shades of Gray - ordinal, sequential relationships

Core Concepts
Relationship principles between members of the legal profession and the real world.

Data Base Practice Development
Data base practice development deals with the gathering, organization, analysis and use of information.

Executive Summary
Executive Summary of the economic benefits to law firms of planning, market research & improved communications.

The taxes we levy - the taxes they pay

Formatting Your Firm
There are a number of analogy based terms of art that describe this process, 'taking inventory' for example. The planning process that will achieve your vision and mission requires a defined starting point.

The more complicated (many parts) and complex (many relationships between the parts) a situation or problem, the greater the human value of simplicity in the analysis of the situation or solution to the problem. When "buzz words" abound, having simple, concise definitions for important words or phrases is a benefit.

Lawyer Jokes
Warning: do not read to any lawyer with heart or bladder weakness.

Management Inertia
Choosing to stay the course is still choosing. The presumption that icebergs won't drift into your path creates blockbuster movies.

Market Research
Don't mistake this for advertising. Don't mistake this for a crystal ball.

Market Share
Okay, so it's your share of the market. What does that mean?

Myths & Prejudices
Hidden from those who harbor them

When to hold 'em, when to fold 'em.

The process by which we receive and evaluate data used in decision making. The basis by which we can research, measure and analyze that process and use the results to predict future decision making behavior. How we categorize this information into 'ladders' for goods or services and how potential clients use these 'ladders' to purchase our services.

Practice Development Efficiency
The relationship of resources of every kind to the progress of achieving practice goals.

Getting away from it, getting away with it.

The subtle difference between simple and simple minded.

Barking up the right tree.

Talking Points
Ideas, issues, topics or whatever else they're called that relate to your law firm's future and that come up, or can be brought up in conversation.

The most important element in a satisfying law practice
Practical Considerations and Caveats

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