Web Site - Costs & Benefits Survey

This is an on-line survey researching the costs and benefits that an internet web site provides to attorneys and law firms. The data compiled will be reported to the General Practice Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin. However this survey is being privately conducted, is not an official act of WisBar and is not limited to attorneys practicing in Wisconsin.

Please type your responses for each question. If you choose not to answer a particular question, type "N/A". If you don't know the answer, type "D/K".

As a thank you to those who participate, upon request we will send you a report of the survey by e-mail when it is completed. Individual responses will not be released to any other entity.

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1. Approximate number of months your web site has been in operation:

2. Your zip code:

3. Average number of attorneys in firm since site opened:

4. Principle practice areas of firm:

5. What was your firm's purpose or goal in creating your web site?

6. On a scale of 1-5 (1=poorly to 5=well) how has the site delivered on expectations?

7. Frequency of re-registration with search engines?

8. Average number of times you update your site per year?

9. Approximate cost to create your site:

10. Approximate annual cost to maintain your site?

11. Do you use this web site as part of a practice development program sponsored by a third party, such as a lawyer referral service or co-op advertising? Yes No

12. Approximate number of new clients/matters received which you believe were a result of your web site:

13. Approximate number of intraprofessional contacts received as a result of web site:

14. Other than new client/matter acquisition, how has your firm used its web site?

15. Your web site is: Worth More than It Costs
Costs More than it is worth

16. E-mail address if you would like survey report:

    Please call, mail, or e-mail with your comments or for more information.

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