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For members of a profession that honors the value of stability and tradition, the rapidly changing social and economic environment of today's legal market place is a jungle of risk. Getting and keeping the right clients is both vital to a firm's future and made more difficult every day by competitive pressures.

 "Effective Law Practice Renewal"  is a workshop utilizing hands on methodology by which small firms can organize and develop a practice development plan. 
Recent studies confirm that lawyers today have a guarded outlook on the future due to encroachments from both internal and external sources. 

Find a brighter future with the use of information based management techniques and a higher degree of client satisfaction.

Unlike most seminars, this seminar does not deal with the transfer of information but rather the transfer of ideas. Ideas that allow the dedicated committed practitioner to relate to clients in ways that are meaningful to the clients and rewarding to the lawyer.

This seminar has been approved for up to 6 hours of CLE credits, including ethics credits. (Some of our presentations are not CLE eligible due to their business development focus.)

Keeping the Peace:  Understanding Differences & Diversity in the Workplace.
    We are all different, but differences can cause tension in the workplace. Learn how to understand the differences that make us unique. Use this understanding to create a more peaceful and productive work environment. Learn:
      • Eight different ways that we are smart (Multiple Intelligences)
      • Four different personality temperaments
      • Five styles of conflict resolution
    The diversity in our offices, when understood, can become a powerful and constructive asset that leads to peaceful co-existence for everyone.

Planning Your Position:  Leading Your Firm's Development
    Everyone has a different image when they think of "Positioning". It can be called the image in the eye of the beholder that determines where potential clients put the members of your firm. Positioning can also affect whether clients choose your firm in the first place. Explore the concept of positioning and how "Position" is established in the mind of the present and potential client. This important concept can be influenced and changed so that clients choose your firm over your competitors.

Individuals Making a Difference, Together
 Do you have barriers to your firm’s profitability?  Has the case du jour become Administration vs. Management?  What type of work environment do you provide - Intimidating, Stagnating or Nurturing?  Learn insights to move individuals and your whole organization to accomplish their personal and professional vision, mission and goals.  Help your firm focus on the goals of providing wholesome, fulfilling work relationships and profitability. 

We use a number of scientifically validated instruments to measure the shared values, beliefs and expectations that guide the way organization members interact and approach their work.  D,I,S & C is the personal profile system which provides a non judgmental language for exploring behavioral issues.  It helps people explore behaviors across four primary dimensions -- Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

During the course of two consecutive days, instruments are distributed, completed, scored, evaluated and discussed in the context of the fractures and factions in the Balkanization of a law firm.  One on one consultations can be included. 

This is a wonderful keynote event for your firm’s retreat.

Client Satisfaction, Positioning and Using These Tools to Build Your Business

This workshop investigates Client Satisfaction and how attorneys can obtain greater success and satisfaction by applying the professional resources already on hand more efficiently, rather than by working longer or harder.  Learn techniques for getting powerful and honest feedback from clients to help take your client service to a new plateau.  This leads into Practice Development Planning which is your rational control of your professional future.  Practice Development Planning starts with an evaluation of your professional position:
    •  As you see it
    •  As your fellow stakeholders see it
    •  As your past clients see it
    •  As your current clients see it, and 
    •  As your future clients see it.
Once this information is gathered, learn how to make it relevant and effective in the firm’s practice development plan. 

Advocates Management also has speakers available for one, two or four hour presentations on various topics including but not limited to:
    • Practice Development Planning, 
    • Market Research, 
    • Client Satisfaction Surveying, 
    • Public Relations, 
    • Professional Relationship Development, 
    • Partner & Stakeholder Relations, 
    • Data Base Practice Development, 
    • Law Office Efficiencies, and 
    • Positioning Your Law Practice.

    Please call, mail, or e-mail for more seminar information and available dates.

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