Clientcentric Research

Insight Beyond Experience

To a normal person, "research" means to find an answer.

To a lawyer, "research" is a means to prove a point.

Clientcentric Research proves that you will improve your practice by listening to your clients -- not by listening to other lawyers.

But my advertising manager does research for me. Isn't it funny, how his research always seems to prove the need for more advertising? Rather a self fulfilling project -- for him.

Clientcentric Research puts your clients at the center. What is best for your clients is ultimately best for you and your firm.

Information Harvest model of market/Clientcentric sm research. Competitively valuable information exists within your firm's market.  Clients all have a level of satisfaction, as they all position your firm against your competitors in anticipation of the satisfaction that they will receive. One way to conceptualize market or Clientcentric sm reserach is to see it as harvesting pieces of information that already exist in your practice environment and market. This information may be harvested from those you have already served or from the population of prospective clients who have no direct experience with your firm.

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