Personal Injury Practice Development

We’ve perfected a practice development program for personal injury firms.  It is absolutely ethical and absolutely professional.  It requires no media advertising, little, if any, attorney time and is a morale booster within the firm.  It is so effective it comes with a money back guarantee.  We only provide it to one qualified firm within a market territory.  If you would like to grow your firm, and to find out if you qualify, call us.  The call is free.

Qualification Questions.

1. What is your principal city/market?  Are there any other cities/markets where you have a presence?  If we already have a client licensed to that territory, we’ll tell you right away, but we won’t tell you who it is.

2. What is the size of your firm and a general description of your practice?

3. What is the number of attorneys who concentrate on plaintiff’s personal injury work?  What is their professional experience?

4. What is the number of paralegals/non-attorney staff in your office whose primary activities are in the area of plaintiff’s personal injury claims?

5. What is a general description of your current personal injury marketing/practice development efforts?

6. What is the type of computer system you use (network, operating systems, software) and a specific description of the personal injury case management system currently in place?


Q. Where can I read about this program?  Can you send me a brochure?
A. No can do.  The program works because only one firm in a market uses it – it makes that firms stand out in a positive and ethical way with referring intermediaries.  AMI senior management will discuss it in greater detail once there is a confidentiality agreement.

Q. Can I have a referrals – firms that are already using it?
A. Not at this point.  This program is something like a song melody – once people start humming it, anyone can hum it.  The program’s effectiveness is greatly enhanced when only one firm in a  market uses it.  When it is licensed, we guarantee that we will license it to no other personal injury firm in that market.  Our client pays for exclusivity and we do everything we can to make sure that the cat stays in the bag.  The program itself is a trade secret – and is not generally protectable under copyright laws.  Thus we, and our clients, guard this program carefully.


In summary, if the firm executes the program, it will, during the second full year of the program, enjoy a 200% return on the investment of its licensing fee or it will have the option of ceasing the program and having the licensing fee returned in full.

The guarantee is expressed in a specific written document which is part of the agreement between the parties.

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