Consulting and Coaching

Where Each Fits in and How Each Benefits a Lawyer and Law Firm

Consulting has been around for generations. After all, it is what lawyers do when they act as a 'counselor' in the law. As the art and science of personal productivity moves forward, coaching has become a 'hot' idea for those who help you and your organization change for the better. Anybody who's anybody has a coach these days. Some consultants are also coaches, some not.

A competent consultant and/or coach will never allow him or herself to become a distraction within your firm . They will not allow themselves to compete with firm management or administration. To the contrary, they bring to the table skills and abilities that make the firm's management and administration, as well as its practitioners more successful.

Let's look at the similarities, the differences and whether either can improve your professional life or the life of your firm.

There are two types of consultants...

Practice and Tips

Caveat A marketing consultant who thinks all lawyers are alike will produce marketing programs that will not effectively distinguish your firm from your competitors. A practice development consultant who has not had substantial experience in the profession will develop practice development consistent with his or her preconceived image of the profession. Remember that they are positioned as teachers, not students.

Caveat A consultant or coach who doesn't first seek to understand your vision and mission is likely to substitute his or hers for yours.

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