Confidentiality Agreement

In consideration of the mutual rights and responsibilities between Advocates Management, Inc. (A.M.I.) and ___________it is agreed as follows:

A.M.I. will not endeavor to learn the identity of any clients of the firm or the specific facts or circumstances of any client's legal situation. However the parties recognize that sometimes clients volunteer information during the course of research or some aspect of research may provide A.M.I. with this type of information. In that case, without compelling judicial process A.M.I. will not disclose -

The firm will fully respect A.M.I.'s copyrights, business practices and confidentiality representations to research subjects or others to whom A.M.I. promises anonymity.

A.M.I. may include the data derived from its efforts on behalf of the firm in its normative data base provided said data is masked to protect both the identity of the individual clients and the firm. This agreement becomes binding when signed copies are exchanged by facsimilie or otherwise returned and will remain binding permanently without regard to whether or not an agreement is entered into for Clientcentric ResearchSM or any other products or services of A.M.I.

Dated ___________________.

Advocates Management, Inc.

By Michael A. Loduha, President


By _______________________

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