We are people...
  • Who understand the pressures and challenges of the professionals we serve. 
  • Who have learned what works from the real world experience of those we've helped as well as our academic background. 
  • Who receive great satisfaction from enhancing the legal profession, one firm at a time. 
We are a team...
  • Advocates Management, Inc. is a Wisconsin corporation formed in 1987. It is the legal entity through which services to practitioners and firms are coordinated.  AMI makes available the accumulated wisdom and experience of many practitioners and firms together with the research database from thousands of clients. 
  • Attorney Michael A. Loduha is the founder and CEO of AMI. He received his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and his law degree from Marquette University in 1972.  He is a member of the Manitowoc County Bar Association and the State Bar of Wisconsin.  He has authored and published many articles on law office management.  He brings to the team over 25 years experience in many facets of law practice and over a decade of work in assisting firms achieve their practice development and renewal goals. 
  • Rose Ann Kuehne brings over a decade of legal experience as well as 15 years managing the team that met complex customer service needs of a major corporation. She has taught quality and customer service planning and management through the University of Wisconsin system. 
  • Penny Martin, as a consultant to AMI, brings substantial academic background and over 18 years experience (as a Quality Professional) in helping the individuals of large as well as small organizations find within themselves the means and methods of customer and client satisfaction. 
  • Gary Hunt provides public relations and risk management services for lawyers, law firms and legal organizations. Mr. Hunt received his BA cum laude from Western Kentucky University and his MA in English-Creative Writing from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio in 1974. He was Director of Media Relations for the Ohio State Bar Association from 1976-1983 and Associate Director of the Tennessee Bar Association from 1983-1997. He has been a member of the Public Relations Society of America since 1976 and an accredited PR practitioner since 1983.
  • Claudia Bricks is a consulting and adult training specialist who has mastered advancements in the disciplines of human education, training and development.  She earned her bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois Univeristy and her masters degree from the University of Northern Colorado.  She is able to generate results in businesses and law firms by applying hundreds of hours of professional training received from experts in the fields of: Human Brain Function & Research, Mediation & Colloboration, Team Building & Leadership Development, Adult Education & Learning, and Personal & Professional Relationship Strategies.   Claudia also presents seminars to stakeholders on improving interpersonal relations with internal and external customers.
  • The Leede Research Group ( http://www.leede.com/ ) partners with AMI to provide both market and client satisfaction research to members of the legal profession. Leede has extensive experience in researching the clients of professions and service industries as well as product and service development. The partnership between AMI and Leede combines the substance and expertise of a major research organization with the knowledge and experience of legal professionals and experts in development and execution of practice development and client satisfaction programs. 
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